Foto info
ative Photo: Prashant Awale
Common name: Gondni • Hindi: Gondni
Botanical name: Gerascanthus gharaf    Family: Boraginaceae (Forget-me-not family)
Synonyms: Cordia gharaf

Gondni is a small tree or shrub, growing up to 9 m tall. Leaves are 6-10.5 x 2-4 cm, elliptic-oblong to inverted-lanceshaped, with slightly wavu margins, leathery. Sepal cup is 3.5 mm long, tubular-bell-shaped, velvety, shallowly lobed; lobes obtuse. Flower tube is. 5 mm long, white, with petals turned back. Stamen filaments are about 1.8 mm long, anthers are about 1 mm long. Drupe is 1.1 cm long, ovoid, reddish-brown, longitudinally striate. Gondni is found in N. Africa, Arabia, Pakistan, India and Sri-Lanka. Flowering: April-June.

Identification credit: Prashant Awale & Devendra Bharadwaj
Photographed at Galana Fort, Maharashtra.
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