Gramophone Orchid
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Gramophone Orchid
ative Photo: Smita Raskar
Common name: Gramophone Orchid
Botanical name: Porpax reticulata    Family: Orchidaceae (Orchid family)

Gramophone orchid is a very interesting plant which often goes unnonticed growing on tree trunks. It has round pseudobulbs, and obovate green leaves which fall off early. Flowers occur singly, shaped like a gramophone speaker, brick-red in color. Lip is smooth outside, hairy inside, and 3-lobed. Gramophone Orchid is found on isolated trees near streams in evergreen to semi-evergreen forests in Western Ghats. Flowering: April-August.

Identification credit: Satish Phadke
Photographed at Amboli Sindhudurg, Maharashtra.
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