Grey Vernonia
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Grey Vernonia
P Native Photo: Ashok Suthar
Common name: Grey Vernonia, Grey-leaved Vernonia
Botanical name: Orbivestus cinerascens    Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower family)
Synonyms: Vernonia cinerascens, Vernonia luederitziana, Vernonia tephrodoides

Grey Vernonia is a much branched shrub 1-3 ft. tall, branches round, covered white-velvety when young as well as the leaves. Leaves are alternate, obovate-spoon-shaped, rounded or blunt at tip, narrowed at base, stalkless, venation obscure, entire or with a few teeth, 0.8-1.6 cm long by 2.5-4 mm wide. Flower-heads are about 10-flowered, of a rich purple or maroon color, bell-shaped, scarcely 6 mm wide, on flower-stalks 2.5-12 mm long, in spreading cymes in leaf-axils and at branch-ends, 2.5-10 cm wide. Scales of the involucre in many series, lanceshaped to oblong, apiculate, velvet-hairy with greenish midrib above, lower smaller. Receptacle is narrow, hairless. Florets are purple, gradually narrowed. Achenes have 8-10 obscure ridges. Pappus is duplex, barbellate, outer very short. Grey Vernonia is found in Africa, Arabian Peninsula to India.

Identification credit: Rajkumar Yadav Photographed in Gujarat.

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