Griffith's Gogan
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Griffith's Gogan
E Native Photo: Momang Taram
Common name: Griffith's Gogan
Botanical name: Saurauia griffithii    Family: Actinidiaceae (Kiwifruit family)

Griffith's Gogan is a tree about 8 m tall, with branchlets stout, densely brown woolly. It is named for Dr. William Griffith, 19th century botanist and curator of the Botanic Garden in Calcutta. Flowers are borne in leaf-axils, in 15-33 cm long, densely woolly clusters, carried on flower-stalks 1-1.7 cm. Petals are 5, pink, overlapping, obovate-round, base fused, white, red, yellow or pink. Sepals are broadly elliptic, 4-5 mm wide, below sparsely to densely woolly. Stamens 52-54. Ovary is nearly spherical, hairless; styles 5, fused below middle. Bracteoles are 2, above middle, narrowly elliptic, about 8 x 3 mm, below woolly. Leaf-stalks are 4.5-5 cm, stout, scaly, woolly; leaf blade broadly or narrowly elliptic-oblong, 20-40 x 8-17 cm, leathery, below flocculently brown or rusty woolly, above hairless, lateral veins 37-40 pairs, base blunt to rounded, symmetrical to oblique, margin remotely bristly-sawtoothed, tip abruptly tapering. Griffith's Gogan is found in Broad-leaved forests at altitudes of 600-1300 m, in Tibet, Bhutan, NE India, N Vietnam.

Identification credit: Momang Taram Photographed in Arunachal Pradesh.

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