Hackel's Golden Beardgrass
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Hackel's Golden Beardgrass
P Native Photo: Aarti Khale
Common name: Hackel's Golden Beardgrass
Botanical name: Chrysopogon hackelii    Family: Poaceae (Grass family)
Synonyms: Andropogon hackelii

Hackel's Golden Beardgrass is a robust perennial grass with stems 80-150 cm high, nodes hairless. It was named in honor of Eduard Hackel (1850-1926) Bohemian born Austrian botanist. Leaves are 15-40 x 0.4-1 cm, linear-lanceshaped, hairless; sheath strongly keeled; ligule a cluster of hairs. Flower-panicles are 10-20 cm long, pyramidal. Stalkless spikelets are 5 x 1.5 mm, lanceshaped. Lower glume 5 x 1.5 mm, hairless, aristate, arista 5 mm long; upper glume 5 mm long, linear-oblong; first lemma 3 x 1 mm, hyaline, fringed with hairs along margins; second lemma oblong; awn 20 mm long; anther 2.5 mm long. Stalked spikelets are 4-5 mm long, pointed, awnless. Hackel's Golden Beardgrass is native to Peninsular India. Flowering: October-January.

Identification credit: Manoj Chandran Photographed on Kochi-Munnar road, Kerala.

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