Hairy Honeysuckle
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Hairy Honeysuckle
ative Photo: Krishan Lal
Common name: Hairy Honeysuckle
Botanical name: Lonicera hispida    Family: Caprifoliaceae (Honeysuckle family)
Synonyms: Lonicera chaetocarpa, Lonicera anisocalyx,

Hairy Honeysuckle is an erect shrub up to 1 m with spreading bristly-hairy branches. Leaves are 3-6 x 1.5-3 cm, obovate or lanceolate-oblong, frilly and bristly hairy. Creamish yellow flowers are borne in pairs, nodding on axillary stalks up to 1.5 cm long. Flower pairs are enclosed in bracts up to 2 cm long, ovate, boat-shaped, glandular and hispid to pilose on both surfaces, ciliate. Bracteoles are absent. Sepals are minute or obsolete. Flowers are 2 cm long, funnel-shaped, tube narrow, slightly gibbous at the base; lobes rounded, erect, much shorter than the tube, hairy. Stamens are 5; filaments equal to the length of corolla lobes. Ovaries glandular-hairy, free, style exaerted. Berries are about 1.2 cm long, ellipsoid-oblong, red, not confluent, glandular-hairy. Hairy Honeysuckle is found in the Himalayas, from Pakistan to W China, at altitudes of 2900-4500 m. Flowering: May-July.

Identification credit: Krishan Lal Photographed in Marhi, Kulu distt., Himachal Pradesh.

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