Hairy Melhania
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Hairy Melhania
P Native Herb ovate Photo: S. Kasim
Common name: Hairy Melhania
Botanical name: Melhania incana    Family: Malvaceae (Mallow family)

Hairy Melhania is a subshrub, with young parts tawny velvet-hairy. Leaves are 3-5 x 1.5-2.5 cm, ovate, lanceshaped, blunt at tip, slightly heart-shaped at base, minutely sawtoothed; leaf-stalk 1-3 cm, velvet-hairy, stipules linear. Flowers are borne in cymes in leaf-axils or at branch-ends, 1-4 flowered; bracteoles 3, linear 7 mm; sepals slightly united, 7 mm, velvet-hairy; petals obovate, yellow; stamens 5, staminodes 5, longer than stamens, 6 mm, basally united; ovary 5-celled, style simple; stigma 5 partite. Capsule loculicidal, 1 cm long, dehisce from tip to base and fused basally. Hairy Melhania is found in South India and Australia.

Identification credit: S. Kasim Photographed in Valliyur, Tirunelveli distt., Tamil Nadu.

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