Hairy Rock Jasmine
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Hairy Rock Jasmine
P Native Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Hairy Rock Jasmine
Botanical name: Androsace villosa    Family: Primulaceae (Primrose family)
Synonyms: Androsace globifera Schur, Androsace odoratissima, Androsace altaica

Hairy Rock Jasmine is a very variable plant. Typically it is a small clustered or mat-forming perennial, with rosettes of linear to elliptical leaves, up to 1.5 cm across. The leaves have fine hairs underneath, particularly towards the tips. The flowers, which are 6-10 mm in diameter, are in umbels on flowering-stems up to 3 cm tall. They vary in color from white to red-purple, with a pink or yellow eye. The white forms may age to pink. Hairy Rock Jasmine is native to Europe to Mongolia and NW Himalaya, Morocco.

Identification credit: Tabish Photographed enroute to Pangong Lake, Ladakh.

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