Hairy-Tube Coneflower
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Hairy-Tube Coneflower
P Native Photo: Subhasis Roy
Common name: Hairy-Tube Coneflower
Botanical name: Strobilanthes pubiflora    Family: Acanthaceae (Acanthus family)

Hairy-Tube Coneflower is an undershrub 0.5-1 m. Flowers are blue, 3.2-5 cm, velvet-hairy, tube whitish, slightly curved, gradually widened to 1.2-1.6 cm at mouth. Sepal-cup 5-7mm in flower, accrescent to 1.2 cm in fruit, sticky glandular-hairy, sepals linear, pointed, one longer than others. Flowers are borne in dense, nearly round, stalked heads borne on simple or 2-3 forked in leaf-axils branchlets which are usually shorter than subtending leaves and leaflets as leaves at branching point fall early; flower-cluster-stalks hairless. Bracts are nearly round, concave, 2-9 mm, rounded. Stems are prostrate or rising up, hairless. Leaves are unequal, broadly elliptic, 6-20 x 2-7 cm, shortly tapering, base narrowed, sawtoothed, hairless, green above, paler beneath; leaf-stalks 0.3-2cm. Capsules are 1.4-1.5 cm, glandular-hairy nearly to base. Hairy-Tube Coneflower is found in E. Himalaya to NE India.

Identification credit: John Wood Photographed near Dikchu, East Sikkim.

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