Hedge Bamboo
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Hedge Bamboo
ntroduced Photo: Vinod Yadav
Common name: Hedge Bambo, Chinese dwarf bamboo
Botanical name: Bambusa multiplex    Family: Poaceae (Grass family)
Synonyms: Arundo multiplex, Bambusa glaucescens

Hedge Bambo is a chinese bamboo, widely used in landscaping because it spreads slowly. It is good for screens or hedges, the 0.5-4 inch green stems of these bamboos may reach 25 feet in dry conditions with little feeding and where rhizomes are contained. With water, fertilizer and no control, they may reach 55 feet. It is drought-tolerant once established.

Identification credit: Vinod Yadav
Photographed in Forest Research Institute, Dehradun.
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