Himalayan Winter Hazel
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Himalayan Winter Hazel
ative Photo: K.L. Chaudhary
Common name: Himalayan Winter Hazel
Botanical name: Corylopsis himalayana    Family: Hamamelidaceae (Witch-hazel family)
Synonyms: Corylopsis grata, Corylopsis manipurensis

Himalayan Winter Hazel is a large shrub or sometimes small tree, native to the Himalayas that can reach up to 15 ft in height. The oval leaves are up to 4 inches long and have brown felted undersides. In early spring the very pale yellow flowers are borne in racemes holding up to 30 blooms each. The new shoots are densely downy. Himalayan Winter Hazel is found in the Himalayas of NE India.

Identification credit: K.L. Chaudhary Photographed in Upper Shillong, Meghalaya.

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