Himalayan Yellow Loosestrife
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Himalayan Yellow Loosestrife
ative Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Himalayan Yellow Loosestrife • Nepali: बुट्टे घाँस Butte Ghaas, पिनासे झार Pinaase Jhaar
Botanical name: Lysimachia alternifolia    Family: Primulaceae (Primrose family)
Synonyms: Lysimachia glandulosa, Lysimachia tetragona

Himalayan Yellow Loosestrife is a small decumbent herb, 6-25 cm, branching from base. Alternately arranged leaves are ovate-lanceshaped, 2.5-3.5 cm long, lower stalked, upper stalkless. Flowers yellow, occurring singly in leaf axils, on slender stalks almost as long as leaves. Sepals are lanceshaped, longer than petals, persistent in fruit. Flowers are flat, 5-8 mm across, petals oblong gland-dotted. Filaments are fused at base. Capsule is hairless, shorter than calyx, round. Himalayan Yellow Loosestrife is found in the Himalayas, from Garhwal to Bhutan, Khasia Hills and Burma, at altitudes of 1100-2400 m.

Identification credit: Gurcharan Singh Photographed in Dhanaulti & Chakrata, Uttarakhand.

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