Hupeh Rowan
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Hupeh Rowan
ative Photo: Prashant Awale
Common name: Hupeh Rowan, Hubei Rowan
Botanical name: Sorbus hupehensis    Family: Rosaceae (Rose family)

Hupeh Rowan is a small deciduous tree growing to 5–10 m tall, with grey-brown to purplish-brown bark. The branches and shoots are slender. Leaves are green above, paler beneath, 10-15 cm long, pinnate with 7-17 narrow oval leaflets 3-5 cm long and 1-1.8 cm broad, with a pointed tip, and toothed margins. They change to orange or red in autumn. The flowers are 5-7 mm diameter, with five white petals and 20 yellowish-white stamens. They are produced in corymbs 6-10 cm diameter in late spring to early summer. The fruit is a pome 5-8 mm diameter, bright pink with persistent sepals, maturing in late autumn.

Identification credit: Tanay Bose, Gurcharan Singh Photographed in Mizoram.

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