Indian Fountain Bamboo
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Indian Fountain Bamboo
P Native Photo: Sunit Singh
Common name: Indian Fountain Bamboo, West Himalayan Bamboo
Botanical name: Yushania anceps    Family: Poaceae (Grass family)
Synonyms: Arundinaria anceps, Sinarundinaria anceps, Yushania jaunsarensis

Indian Fountain Bamboo is a graceful bamboo, with single stems arising at intervals from a long, creeping, scaly rhizome. Stems are 10-15 ft or more high, about 1.2 cm in diameter; purplish at first, changing to brownish green; from 7.5 to 17 cm between the joints; branches purple, slender, forming dense clusters on the older stems. Stem-sheaths are mottled within, hairy on the margin, flat at the tip, with a narrow, sickle shaped, bristly ear on each side of the short, subulate blade. Leaf-sheaths are fringed with bristles and short hairs where it joins the base of the blade. Leaves are 4 to 10 cm long, 6-12 mm wide, brilliant green above, slightly glaucous beneath, edged with minute bristles on each margin. There are two or three secondary veins on each side of the midrib, and the tessellation is very minute, but quite distinct under a lens. Indian Fountain Bamboo is native to West Himalaya.

Identification credit: Sunit Singh, Rakesh Saloch Photographed in Madhmaheshwar, Uttarakhand.

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