Indian Snakewort
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Indian Snakewort
P Native Photo: N Arun Kumar
Common name: Indian Snakewort
Botanical name: Dorstenia indica    Family: Moraceae (Mulberry family)

Indian Snakewort is a clustered herb, 7.5-45 cm high. Leaves are simple,alternate, up to 9 x 2.5 cm, obovate or inverted-lanceshaped, pointed, base narrowed or wedge-shaped, membranous, distantly toothed, sparsely hairy along the nerves beneath, nerves 8-13 pairs; leaf-stalk 1 cm long. Flowers are monoecious, many, on obconical receptacle. Receptacle is borne singly in leaf-axils, disc-like, 5-angled, up to 1.5 cm across, marginal lobes to 0.5 cm long; flower-cluster-stalks up to 2 cm long. Male flowers are arranged towards the periphery of the receptacle; perianth fused and adnate with receptacle; stamens 3. Female flowers are grouped at the centre; ovary sunken in the tissue of the receptacle; style lateral, stigmas 2. Fruit is an achene, sunken in the receptacle. Indian Snakewort is native to S. India, Sri Lanka. Flowering: February-April.

Identification credit: N Arun Kumar Photographed in Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu.

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