Indian Spindle Tree
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Indian Spindle Tree
ative Photo: Siddarth Machado
Common name: Indian Spindle Tree
Botanical name: Euonymus indicus    Family: Celastraceae (Spike-thorn family)
Synonyms: Euonymus timorensis, Euonymus sumatranus, Euonymus micropetalus

Indian Spindle Tree is a small tree, up to 7 m tall. Bark is corky, yellow when scrap; blaze reddish. Branchlets are round, hairless. Leaves are simple, opposite, decussate; stipules caducous; stalk 0.3-0.8 cm long, planoconvex in cross section. Leaf blade is 5-11 x 2-4.3 cm elliptic or narrow elliptic, apex bluntly acuminate, sometimes obtusely acute, base cuneate, margin entire, glabrous, smooth shining above, chartaceous or subcoriaceous; midrib raised above; secondary nerves 4-5 pairs, not prominent beneath. Flowers are borne in 1-3 flowered axillary cymes. Flowers are reddish, small, with frilly petals. Capsule, valves deeply obcordate; seeds 1-2 per cell. Indian Spindle Tree is endemic to the Western Ghats- common in Central Sahyadri and rare in South Sahyadri.

Identification credit: Siddarth Machado
Photographed in Salkeshpur taluk, Karnataka.
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