Ixora yellow   
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Ixora yellow
ative Photo: K. Raghunathan
Common name: Ixora, Jungle flame, Rugmini रुग्मिनी (Hindi), Vedchi (Tamil), Rangan (Bengali), Chethi (Malayalam)
Botanical name: Ixora coccinea    Family: Rubiaceae (coffee family)

Ixora is said to be native to Asia and whose name probably derives from the name "Iswara", a Malabar deity to whom flowers were offered; or probably from the sanskrit word Iswara, meaning god. There are about 400 species spread from Africa to India to Southern Asia. Ixora is a dense, multi-branched evergreen shrub, commonly 4-6 ft in height, but capable of reaching up to 12 ft high. Ixora has a rounded form, with a spread that may exceed its height. The glossy, leathery, oblong leaves are about 4 in long, with entire margins, and are carried in opposite pairs or whorled on the stems. Ixoras freely produce loose, corymb-like cymes, 2-5" across of red, orange, pink, or yellow flowers. This plant which blooms throughout the year is easy to grow. Ixora flowers last well when picked and put into a vase with water, making an attractive home arrangement. Ixora flower has traditionally been associated with enhanced sexuality and the re-kindling of passion.
Photographed in Chennai.
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