Java Water Dropwort
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Java Water Dropwort
P Native Photo: Raja Ghosh
Common name: Java Water Dropwort, Water celery, Water dropwort, Chinese celery, Indian pennywort, Japanese parsley • Bengali: Pan turasi • Manipuri: ꯀꯣꯝꯞ꯭ꯔꯦꯛ Komprek • Tangkhul: Hanchamhan
Botanical name: Oenanthe javanica    Family: Apiaceae (Carrot family)
Synonyms: Falcaria javanica, Sium javanicum, Dasyloma javanicum

Java Water Dropwort is a perennial herb that grows to about 1 m in height. Stems are prostrate, rising up. Basal leaf-stalks are 5-10 cm; blade oblong-ovate, 1-2-pinnate; ultimate segments ovate or rhombic-ovate, 5-50 x 5-20 mm, margins sawtoothed. Stem leaves are gradually reduced upwards, smaller, becoming stalkless on expanded sheaths. Flowers are borne in umbels 3-5 cm across, carried on flower-cluster-stalks 2-16 cm long; bracts absent, or occasionally 1, linear, 3-11 mm. Rays are 6-16, 1-3 cm, almost equal or unequal; bracteoles 2-8, linear, 2-4 cm, as long as flower-stalks. Umbellules areabout 20-flowered; flower-stalks 1.5-4 mm. Sepal-cup teeth are about 0.5 mm. Styles patent, 1.2-2 mm. Fruit is nearly spherical or ovoid, about 2.5 x 2 mm; dorsal and intermediate ribs slightly corky-thickened. Java Water Dropwort is found in wet places, from Pakistan to Himalayas to E and SE Asia, at altitudes of 600-4000 m.

Identification credit: Raja Ghosh Photographed in Jharkhand.

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