Jhar Beri
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Jhar Beri
ative Photo: Tabish
Common name: Jhar Beri • Bengali: Bhubadari, Bhui kul • Hindi: झाड़ बेरी Jhar Beri, झाड़ बेर Jhar ber • Kannada: ಮುಳ್ಳುಹಣ್ಣು Mulluhannu, ಪರಗಿ Paragi, ಪರಪೇಲೆ Parapele ಹುಳಿಯೆಲಚಿ Huli elachi • Marathi: Chanya-bor, Gangar, Junglebor • Sanskrit: Aja-priya, Balakapriya, Bhu-kartaka • Tamil: Korgodi, Parpalli-gidda, Narielandai • Telugu: Nelaregu, Jitta reni, Regu kampa • Urdu: Zariab, Poast jharberi
Botanical name: Ziziphus nummularia    Family: Rhamnaceae (Ber family)
Synonyms: Rhamnus nummularia, Ziziphus rotundifolia

Jhar Beri is a bushy, much branched shrub, with zigzag branches. Spines are in unequal pairs, bigger straight about 1 cm long, smaller one are recurved. Leaves are tiny, 1-2 cm by 0.5-2 cm, circular or ovate-circular to elliptic, dark green and densely velvety, with margins entire or toothed. Leaf stalks are 2-3 mm long. Flowers are very tiny, 3-4 mm in diameter, creamish in color. Sepals are velvety, about 1.5 mm, ovate lanceolate. Petals are wedg-shaped longer than stamens about 1.25 mm long. Stamen are about 1 mm long. Fruit is round, 0.5-1 cm across, reddish brown-black when ripe, 2 celled, 2 seeded. Fruits are edible, although not very popular due to small size. Flowering: March-June.

Identification credit: Tabish Photographed in Okhla Pakshi Vihar & Garden of Five Senses, Delhi.

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