Jug Flower Orchid
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Jug Flower Orchid
P Native Photo: P.S. Sivaprasad
Common name: Jug Flower Orchid
Botanical name: Acanthephippium bicolor    Family: Orchidaceae (Orchid family)

Jug Flower Orchid is a terrestrial orchid with pseudobulbs ovoid, 5-14 x 2-5 cm. Leaves are 2 or 3, 20-40 x 6-12 cm, broadly lanceshaped, tapering. Flowers are yellow with purplish red, 3.5 cm across, in 2-5-flowered racemes from the top of new pseudobulbs; bracts 3.5 x 3, boat-shaped. Sepals fused to form a swollen tube; dorsal sepals 3.2 x 1.1 cm, oblong, blunt; lateral sepals as long as or broader than dorsal sepal, fused with the foot along their inner edges forming the base of the pitcher, blunt, recurved at tip. Petals are 3.1 x 1.5 cm, spoon-shaped, blunt. Lip is 3-lobed, 1.5 x 2 cm, lateral lobes erect, rounded; midlob recurved, oblong-spoon-shaped, blunt, disc 3-lamellate. Jug Flower Orchid is found in South India, Sri Lanka and New Guinea. Flowering: March-April.

Identification credit: P.S. Sivaprasad Photographed in Wayanad, Kerala,

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