Kameng Begonia
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Kameng Begonia
P Native Photo: Momang Taram
Common name: Kameng Begonia • Adi: Sisibaying
Botanical name: Begonia sikkimensis var. kamengensis    Family: Begoniaceae (Begonia family)

Kameng Begonia is perennial herb up to 200 cm tall with stem dark pink to red. Male flowers have outer tepals deep pink to crimson, inner tepals pale pink. Female flower have tepals deep pink to pink. Leaves are basal and on stem; leaf-stalk 3-15 cm, blade nearly round, slightly asymmetric, 12-19 x 10-20 cm, hairless, venation palmate, 5-7-veined, base shallowly heart-shaped, margin remotely and shallowly finely toothed, distinctly lobed, Flowers are borne in hairless clusyer, carried atop flower-cluster-stalk 8-12 cm long. Capsules are nodding, obovoid-oblong, 1.5-2 cm x 6-7 mm, unequally 3-winged; lower wing oblong-triangular; lateral wings smaller. Kameng Begonia is found in Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland. Flowering: August-September.

Identification credit: Mark Hughes Photographed in Potin, Lower Subansiri, Arunachal Pradesh.

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