Kashmir False Spirea
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Kashmir False Spirea
ative Photo: Dinesh Valke
Common name: Kashmir False Spirea, Himalayan Sorbaria • Nepali: बाखरे झार Baakhre jhaar
Botanical name: Sorbaria tomentosa    Family: Rosaceae (Rose family)
Synonyms: Spiraea lindleyana, Spiraea sorbifolia

Kashmir False Spirea is a plant which is very similar to Spireas, particularly the flowers. Most notable difference is its compound leaves. It is a slender, graceful, spreading shrub, growing up to 3 m or taller. It sports long pinnate leaves, and large terminal, pyramidal branched clusters of tiny white flowers. Leaves are 20-40 cm long. Leaflets are lancelike, slender-pointed, 5-10 cm long, with double toothed margins. Leaflets are hairy beneath. The flower clusters are 20-45 cm long. Flowers are tiny 5-7 mm across, with rounded petals and protruding stamens. It is commonly found at altitudes of 1800-2900 m. Flowering: June-August.

Identification credit: Tabish Photographed at Manali, Himachal Pradesh & Kashmir.
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