Kashmir Wire Grass
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Kashmir Wire Grass
P Native Photo: Sunit Singh
Common name: Kashmir Wire Grass
Botanical name: Tenaxia cachemyriana    Family: Poaceae (Grass family)
Synonyms: Danthonia kashmiriana, Danthonia cachemyriana, Danthonia exilis

Kashmir Wire Grass is a clustered perennial grass with stems up to 25 cm high, thread-like, erect or prostrate at the base. Leaf-blades are linear-pointed, involute, up to 6 cm long and 1 mm wide. Inflorescence is a raceme or congested panicle 1-3 cm long. Spikelets are crowded, 1.0-1.2 cm long, 2-3-flowered, wedge-shaped, laterally compressed; glumes subequal, lanceshaped-tapering, the lower 3-5-nerved, up to 10 mm long, the upper 5-nerved, up to 12 mm long; lowest lemma elliptic, 5-7-nerved, awned, up to 4.5 mm long, sparsely hairy on the back between the nerves and with dense clusters of hairs between the nerves at the base of the lobes, long-fringed with hairs on the margins, the lobes 1 mm long, awned; awns of the lobes up to 5.5 mm long; central awn up to 15 mm long, anthers 1.25-1.5 mm long. Grain obovoid, flattened, 1.5 mm long. Kashmir Wire Grass is found in Afghanistan to W. Himalaya, at altitudes of 3300-4400 m. Flowering: July-September

Identification credit: Sunit Singh Photographed in Dhaulachetrpal, Madhmaheshwar, Uttarakhand.

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