Khasi Blushwort
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Khasi Blushwort
P Native Photo: M. Sawmliana
Common name: Khasi Blushwort
Botanical name: Aeschynanthus mannii    Family: Gesneriaceae (Gloxinia family)
Synonyms: Trichosporum mannii

Khasi Blushwort is a tree-dwelling undershrub with leathery elliptic leaves approximately 3 x 1.2 cm, blunt at both ends, midrib prominent below. Flowers are about 2 cm, narrowly tubular-funnel-shaped, curved upwards, velvet-hairy outside, lobes 4-5 mm in diameter, roundish, black-marked. Stamen filaments much protrude out, glandular-hairy. Sepals are 8 mm long, hairy. Flowers are borne singly in leaf axils. Stem is short, branches several, 5-25 cm, undivided, soon hairless. Khasi Blushwort is found in NE India, particularly Mizoram and Meghalaya, to Bangladesh, Myanmar.

Identification credit: Saroj Kasaju Photographed in Hmuifang, Mizoram.

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