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P Native Photo: Prashant Awale
Common name: Kheenp • Hindi: खींप Kheenp • Punjabi: Khip • Sanskrit: जीवन्ती Jivanti
Botanical name: Leptadenia pyrotechnica    Family: Apocynaceae (Oleander family)
Synonyms: Leptadenia gracilis, Leptadenia spartium

Kheenp is an erect, much branched generally leafless shrub, generally 0.6-2.5 m tall. Branches are erect, slender, green, spinescent. Leaves when present, are 2.5-6 x 2.5-3 mm, linear to linear-lanceshaped, nearly stalkless, hairless, pointed. Flowers are borne in small umbellate cymes. Flower-cluster-stalk 2.5-8 mm long, flower-stalk about 2.5 mm long, velvet-hairy. Calyx is about 1.5 mm long, sepals as long as the tube, velvet-hairy. Flowers are 3-3.5 mm long, deeply divided, funnel-shaped, hairless below, petals velvet-hairy. Follicles are 7.5-11.5 cm x 6-7 mm, lanceshaped, round, and hairless. Seeds are about 8 mm long, coma 2.5-3.8 cm long. Kheenp is found in Pakistan, India, Iran, Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Chad, Libya and Algeria. Flowering: December-January.

Identification credit: Prashant Awale Photographed near Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

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