Large-Leaf Melhania
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Large-Leaf Melhania
P Native Photo: Ankush Dave
Common name: Large-Leaf Melhania
Botanical name: Melhania magnifolia    Family: Malvaceae (Mallow family)

Large-Leaf Melhania is a very rare, woody, erect, somewhat spreading undershrub. Flowers are orange yellow, with 5 petals, 2 x 1.5 cm, stamens 5, 9-10 mm long. Stigma are 5, nearly spherical. Flower-stalks are 1.0-1.3 cm long; bract 3, 12-13 x 4-5 mm, persistent, heart-shaped, ovate, tapering. Flower-cluster-stalks arise in leaf-axils and at branch-ends, woolly, 4-5 cm long, 1-5 flowered. Stem is round, downy with star-shaped-grey hairs. Leaves are 7-11 x 3-5 cm, ovate-oblong or blunt or somewhat pointed, tip rarely pointed, 7-nerved, heart-shaped or rounded at base, margins irregularly toothed or rounded toothed, the upper surface white, woolly. Leaf-stalks are 2-3 cm, downy with star-shaped grey hairs. Capsules are 1.5 cm in diameter, densely woolly, calyx persistent. Seeds angular, minutely dark-blistered throughout. Large-Leaf Melhania is found in dry NW India, Thar desert, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra.

Identification credit: Ankush Dave Photographed in Morena, Madhya Padesh.

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