Leafy Creeping Aster
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Leafy Creeping Aster
P Native Photo: Alok Mahendroo
Common name: Leafy Creeping Aster
Botanical name: Aster falconeri    Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower family)
Synonyms: Aster diplostephioides var. falconeri

Leafy Creeping Aster is an unmistakable flower with large solitary flower-heads up to 8 cm across. It is somewhat similar to the Creeping Aster, but with densely leafy stem, 15-35 cm, and very numerous spreading bluish ray-florets with white bases and 3-toothed at the tips, up to 3.5 cm long. Involucral bracts are green, linear-lanceshaped about 1.5 crn. Basal leaves are mostly oblong-lanceshaped, distantly toothed, narrowed to the base, up to 15 cm, mostly shrivelled at flowering. Upper leaves are smaller, somewhat stem-clasping at the base. Leafy Creeping Aster is found in W-Himalaya, Kashmir, Poonch, and Pakistani Kashmir, at altitudes of 3000-4200 m. Flowering: July-August.

Identification credit: Alok Mahendroo Photographed in Pangi Valley, Himachal Pradesh.

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