Long-Flower Ruellia
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Long-Flower Ruellia
P Native Photo: Rakesh Singh
Common name: Long-Flower Ruellia
Botanical name: Ruellia pseudopatula    Family: Acanthaceae (Acanthus family)

Long-Flower Ruellia is a shrubby herb with prominently long white flowers. Flowers are white, 4.5-6.0 cm long; tube 4.0-5.3 cm long, narrow lower portion 2.4-3.5 cm long, 1.5-2 mm wide at extreme base, 1.2-1.5 mm above; upper enlarged portion 1.4-1.8 cm long, 6-7 mm wide at the tip, velvet-hairy outside. Petals are 7-10 x 8 mm, nearly round to rounded to flat at the tip, velvet-hairy outside. Stamens are inserted at junction between narrow and enlarged portions, style 3.5-4.0 cm long. Sepal-tube is 1-1.5 mm long; sepals 4-5 x 1-1.2 mm. Flowers are borne in 1-3-flowered cymes in leaf-axils. Bracts are 11-15 x 2-3 mm including a stalk 1-4 mm long, linear to narrowly-elliptic or narrowly-obovate. Stems are 15-40 cm high, much branched, velvet-hairy with descending deflexed white hairs. Leaves are 1.5-3.0 x 1-2 cm, ovate to ovate-elliptic or sometimes obovate, narrowed to wedge-shaped or pointed at the base, entire at the margins, blunt to flat or sometimes notched at the tip, velvet-hair. Leaf-stalk is 3-6 mm long. Capsule 14-16 x 5-6 mm. Long-Flower Ruellia is found in NE Ethiopia to Arabian Peninsula to NW India.

Identification credit: Rakesh Singh Photographed in Savarkundla, Gujarat.

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