Long-Stalk Sida
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Long-Stalk Sida
ative Photo: Dinesh Valke
Common name: Long-stalk Sida, Heart-Leaf Sida, Country-mallow, flannelweed, Heartleaf Fanpetals • Hindi: भूइनी bhuinii • Marathi: Bhumi petari, Bhoybal • Tamil: Kurunthotti, Palampasi, Mayirmanikkam • Malayalam: kuruntotti, nela-vaga • Telugu: benda, gayapaku, tirunala • Kannada: bekkinathale gida • Gujarati: Bhoybala • Sanskrit: भूमिबल bhumibala, नागबल nagabala • Nepali: बलु झार Balu Jhaar, बलु Balu, नागबला Naagbalaa, जारी झार Jaaree Jhaar, बिष खाप्रे Bish Khapre
Botanical name: Sida cordata    Family: Malvaceae (Mallow family)
Synonyms: Melochia cordata, Sida humilis, Sida veronicifolia

Native to India, Heart-Leaf Sida is is a weed that grows wild in wastelands and along roadsides. They are found throughout the tropical and ub-tropical plains all over India and Srilanka. The herb grows to 30-80 cm. The plant though seasonal, is available throughout the year, and is especially luxuriant during the months of October to December. The leaves, 1-5.5 cm long, are heart shaped, one at each node. The flowers, 7-8 mm across, are produced at the leaf axils, and are yellow in color. The plant can be easily recognized with the above characteristics, and the entire plant is used in making medicine.

Identification credit: Dinesh Valke Photographed at Valley Park, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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