Luna Red Rose Mallow
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Luna Red Rose Mallow
ntroduced Photo: Prashant Awale
Common name: Luna Red Rose Mallow
Botanical name: Hibiscus moscheutos 'Luna Red'    Family: Malvaceae (Mallow family)

Luna Red Rose Mallow is a especially compact cultivar of Hibiscus moscheutos. It forms a medium-sized bushy mound of dark green leaves. Huge saucer-shaped flowers appear in mid summer and continue until winter. This selection has blooms of rich solid red. Each flower has a prominent and showy creamy white to pale yellow central staminal column. Plants prefer evenly moist soil and sunny conditions. Stems die back completely to the ground in winter, but new growth is slow to appear in spring. Old stems can be pruned to the ground in mid spring.

Identification credit: Prashant Awale Photographed in Munnar, Kerala.

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