Lyon's Yellow Star
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Lyon's Yellow Star
P Native Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Lyon's Yellow Star
Botanical name: Gagea bowes-lyonii    Family: Liliaceae (Lily family)

Lyon's Yellow Star is a delicate perennial herb, single or growing in groups, tiny, thin, bending, 5-8 cm in height. It was named in honor of the researcher of the flora of Himalayas, S.A. Bowes Lyon. Flower-cluster-stalk is 2-6 cm in height, about 0.5 mm in diameter. Basal leaf is single, hair-like, about 0.3-0.4 mm in diameter, bending, longer than the inflorescence. Flower-cluster-stalk leaves are alternate narrowly lanceshaped-linear, cuspidate, less than half the length of the inflorescence, 2-2.5 mm broad. Flowers are borne in 2-4-flowered lax cluster, on thin bending flower-stalks. Tepals are 4.8-6.3 mm long, nearly 1 mm broad, obovate, narrowed to the base, hardly pointed, golden-yellow inside, greenish outside, inner tepals a little bit longer, broader, tip rounded. Anthers are yellow, oblong, 0.8 mm long, dehiscence roundish 0.5 mm in diameter. Capsule obovate, narrowed in a long stipe, less than half the length of the perianth. Lyon's Yellow Star is native to Pakistan to West Himalaya, at altitudes of 2000-3000 m. Flowering: April-July.

Identification credit: Tabish Photographed in Lahaul valley, Himachal Pradesh.

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