Major Madden's Rhododendron
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Major Madden's Rhododendron
ative Photo: Bharat Kumar Pradhan
Common name: Major Madden's Rhododendron • Nepali: Major madden ko Chimal
Botanical name: Rhododendron maddenii    Family: Ericaceae (Blueberry family)
Synonyms: Rhododendron maddenii subsp. maddenii, Rhododendron polyandrum

Major Madden's Rhododendron is a shrub or small tree that grows to 3-6 m in height, with leathery leaves that are lanceolate, oblong-oblanceolate, or elliptic, 5-15 by 2-8 cm in size. Leaf-stalks are grooved, 5-10 mm long. Plants produce pinkish-red floral buds and funnel shaped large white-pink fragranced flowers, 3-5 in an inflorescence. The brownish papery bark and rusty scale and branching from almost base are field identification features. Flowers are 6-8.5 cm, tube 3-5 cm, outer surface scaly, stamens 15-25, ovary 10-12-locular; style protruding, upper 1/3 with scales; stigma large, discoid. Capsules are ovoid or ellipsoid, 10-35 x 10-15 mm. Major Madden's Rhododendron is distributed in India (Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur), Bhutan, NE-Myanmar, NW-Yunnan, W China to south and east into China, N Vietnam, grows in forests, scrub, and river valleys, at altitudes of 2600-3200 m.

Identification credit: Bharat Kumar Pradhan Photographed in Sikkim.

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