Malabar Paddle-Pod
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Malabar Paddle-Pod
P Native Photo: Anurag Sharma
Common name: Malabar Paddle-Pod
Botanical name: Pristimera arnottiana    Family: Celastraceae (Spike-thorn family)
Synonyms: Loeseneriella arnottiana, Hippocratea arnottiana

Malabar Paddle-Pod is a climbing shrub; branchlets round, hairless. It was named for George Arnold Walker-Arnott, 19th century Scottish botanist and Professor of Botany at Glasgow University. Leaves are ovate-elliptic, 10 - 18 x 4 - 7.5 cm, pointed at tip, base blunt, leathery, entire or faintly rounded toothed; venation netveined, prominent. Flowers are borne in cymes in leaf-axils, about 8 mm across. Calyx is 5-lobed; sepals triangular, entire, hairless. Petals are 5, round, with narrow claw, hairless, fringed. Fruit is a samara, narrowly oblong, 8 x 2.5 cm, blunt, striped. Malabar Paddle-Pod is found in Western Ghats, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Sri Lanka. Flowering: February-March.

Identification credit: Anurag Sharma, Siddarth Machado Photographed in Karkala, Karnataka.

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