Mangrove Wild Rice
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Mangrove Wild Rice
P Native Photo: Rajkumar Yadav
Common name: Mangrove Wild Rice
Botanical name: Oryza coarctata    Family: Poaceae (Grass family)
Synonyms: Porteresia coarctata, Indoryza coarctata, Sclerophyllum coarctatum

Mangrove Wild Rice is a wild herb which shows considerable adaptation to high salinity, and is a close wild relative of rice. It is a perennial herb with extensive creeping rhizomes. Stems are up to about 2 m high, smooth, hard and polished. Leaf-blades are up to 40 cm long and 1.2 cm wide, smooth, leathery with spinulose margins; ligule a narrow fringed with hairs rim up to 1 mm long. Panicle 10-20 cm long, narrow, the branches erect. Spikelets are narrowly oblong to narrowly ovate, 1.2-1.5 cm long including the awn, hairless, deciduous, obliquely articulated with the flower-stalk; sterile lemmas subulate, 2.5 mm long; fertile lemma boat-shaped with a large projecting wing on the back, cuspidate with a stout hard hairless awn about 4 mm long. Mangrove Wild Rice is found in the Indian Subcontinent to Myanmar.

Identification credit: Rajkumar Yadav Photographed in the Coastal area of Navsari Distt, Gujarat.

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