Many Flowered Anemone   
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Many Flowered Anemone
ative Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Many Flowered Anemone
Botanical name: Anemonidium polyanthes    Family: Ranunculaceae (Buttercup family)
Synonyms: Anemone villosa, Anemone polyanthes, Anemone govaniana

Many Flowered Anemone is a perennial herb 25-60 cm tall. Flowers are red, mauve or white, borne in umbels. Each flower is 2-3 cm across, very beautiful, with a contrasting circle of anthers in the center. Petals can be 4-7 in number. Leaves are 5-10 cm across, with 3-8 oval lobes, with usually rounded teeth. Many Flowered Anemone is found in the Himalayas, from Pakistan to Bhutan, at altitudes of 2400-4300 m. Flowering: May-July.

Identification credit: Nongthombam Ullysess Photographed beyond Tsomgo lake, Sikkim.

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