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ative Photo: Gurcharan Singh
Common name: Medick
Botanical name: Medicago monantha    Family: Fabaceae (Pea family)
Synonyms: Trigonella monantha, Trigonella incisa, Trigonella noeana

Medick is an annual herbs, 20-40 cm. Stems are prostrate or ascending, branched at base, ridged, pilose. Leaves 3-foliolate; stipules lanceolate- arrow-shaped, 5-7 mm; petioles 1-2.5 cm. Leaflets are oblong-obovate to obtriangular, 5-12 X 4-8 mm, pilose at least on midrib abaxially, subglabrous adaxially, lateral veins 5-8 pairs, base cuneate, margin denticulate in apical 2/3, apex truncate. Flower axillary, solitary at basal portion of stem, 2(or 3) in apical portion, sessile or peduncles developed, 6-8 mm, with straight dense hairs. Corolla yellow, 6-8 mm; standard evidently longer than wings and keel. Ovary linear; ovules 18-24; style short and flat. Legume straight, cylindric, 40-50 X 1-2 mm, appressed pubescent, veins reticulate, forming a pattern of squares or pentagons, apex hooked. Seeds numerous, brown, oblong-elliptic, ca. 2 mm. Flowering: May-July.

Identification credit: Gurcharan Singh
Photographed at Tikker lake, Morni, Haryana.
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