Mickey Mouse Plant   
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Mickey Mouse Plant
ative Photo: Pravin Kawale
Common name: Mickey Mouse Plant • Tamil: கருஞ்சிலந்தி Karunchilanti, Parathakonnai • Malayalam: ചിലിമ്ബീ Chilimbi • Kannada: Mudamara
Botanical name: Ochna wightiana    Family: Ochnaceae (Ramdhan Champa family)
Synonyms: Ochna heyneana

This plant is a close cousin of Ramdhan Champa, but predominentlty found in southern parts of India. The most striking difference is that the golden yellow flowers have only 5 petals, whereas Ramdhan Champa flowers have 7 or more. The petals are broadly inverted-egg shaped or spoon shaped. Leaves are ovate, rounded at the base, slightly serrulated. Flowers are borne in small small clusters, with pedicels solitary or twin, from the apex of a short leafless shoot. Sepals are oval, much smaller than petals. In Ramdhan Champa flowers, sepals are nearly as long as the petals. Petals and ovaries are 5 in number. Stigma is head-like in form.

Photographed in Maharashtra.
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