Mimosa Bush   
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Mimosa Bush
ative Photo: Tabish
Common name: Mimosa bush, Needle bush, Cassie flower, Fragrant acacia, Ironwood, Sweet acacia, Sweet wattle • Hindi: गुह बबूल Guh baboool, Gukikar, Gandh babool • Manipuri: Chigong lei • Marathi: गुकीकर Gukikar • Telugu: Nagatumma • Kannada: Kasturigibbali • Hindi: ગંધેલો બબૂલ Gandhelo babul• Oriya: Kapur • Tamil: Kadivel, கஸ்தூரிவேல் Kasthurivel, பீக்கருவேல் Pikkaruvel • Assamese: তৰুৱা কদম Tarua kadam • Bengali: Guyababula
Botanical name: Acacia farnesiana      Family: Mimosaceae (Touch-me-not family)
Synonyms: Acacia acicularis, Acacia minuta, Mimosa farnesiana

Mimosa Bush is a shrub which usually grows to a height of around 1 to 1.5 metres, but it can grow up to 8 m tall. Almost every part of the plant contains sharp thorns. The slightly rough stems are a rich chocolate brown or grey, possessing long, sharp, multiple thorns. The small, yellow, puff-like flowers are very fragrant and appear in clusters in late winter then sporadically after each new flush of growth, providing nearly year-round bloom. The persistent fruits have a glossy coat and contain seeds which are cherished by birds and other wildlife. Widely cultivated for its decorative qualities and the essential oil obtained from its flowers for use in the perfume industries.

Photographed in Manipur & Delhi.
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