Monjam Hei   
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Monjam Hei
ative Photo: Thingnam Sophia
Common name: Monjam Hei • Manipuri: মোংজামহৈ Monjam Hei
Botanical name: Tetrastigma bracteolatum    Family: Vitaceae (Grape family)
Synonyms: Vitis bracteolata

Tetrastigma is a genus of plants in the grape family. The plants are vines that climb with tendrils and have palmately compound, grape-like leaves. Monjam Hei is one such vine commonly found from Nepal to North-East India. In Manipuri, Hei means fruit. The fruit of this vine is edible, although on the sour side. Leaves are cooked and eaten in Manipur. Tetrastigma are also known for being the only hosts of the parasitic plant Rafflesia which produces world's largest flower.

Identification credit: Thingnam Sophia
Photographed in Imphal, Manipur.
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