Mosaic Flower
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Mosaic Flower
ntroduced Photo: Asokan Mash
Common name: Mosaic Flower, False loosestrife
Botanical name: Ludwigia sedioides    Family: Onagraceae (Evening primrose family)
Synonyms: Jussiaea sedoides

Mosaic Flower is a branching floating stem plant whose leaves grow in a circular pattern with shades of red and green looking like mosaic tiles. It is found growing in slow moving and standing waters of Brazil and Venezuela. Flowers are yellow, buttercup-shaped. It is typically used as a ornamental plant in ponds and the long floating stems can cover a large surface area. One stem in the aquarium can quickly cover the surface of the water and the roots grow quite long, but some hobbyists have found a use for it in open top aquariums.

Identification credit: Asokan Mash
Photographed in Kayamkulam, Kerala.
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