Mountain Bridelia
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Mountain Bridelia
ative Photo: Dinesh Valke
Common name: Mountain Bridelia, Hamilton's Bridelia • Hindi: गोंदनी Gondni • Marathi: चिकणी chikani, जंगली असण jungali asana • Telugu: Panchothkam, Pantangi
Botanical name: Bridelia montana    Family: Phyllanthaceae (Amla family)
Synonyms: Bridelia hamiltoniana, Clutia montana, Andrachne elliptica

Mountain Bridelia is a straggling shrub, growing up to 6 m tall, with hard and strong wood. Leaves are leathery, elongate or obovate-elliptic, often rhomboid, with a wavy or wavy toothed margin. Leaves are smooth or obscurely pubescent beneath, nerves distant, strong, 6-9 pairs, nearly straight finely net-veined on both surfaces. Leaf blade is 1.5-2.5 in., pale yellowish when dry, narrowed into a stalk abut 8 mm long, base wedge-shaped, tip often suddenly narrowed into an obtuse point. Flowers monoecious in minute axillary and spike-like clusters, 3-4 mm in diameter. Sepals are ovate lance-shaped. Petals of male flowers are rounded, angled, of female ovate. Fruit is nearly round, 5-6 mm diameter, seated on the unaltered calyx.

Identification credit: Satish Pardeshi Photographed in Navi Mumbai.

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