Narrow-Leaf Wax Flower
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Narrow-Leaf Wax Flower
P Native Photo: Gary Thingnam
Common name: Narrow-Leaf Wax Flower
Botanical name: Hoya linearis    Family: Apocynaceae (Oleander family)

Narrow-Leaf Wax Flower is a slender long stemmed, little branched, limp, pendulous tree-dwelling plant. Flowers are borne in branch-end stalkless umbel of 4-12 waxy white flowers, sometimes, flushed with pink. Flowers are 0.8-1.2 cm in diameter.Younger parts and flower-stalks densely hairy. Leaves are linear lanceshaped in outline, size very variable, semicircular in cross section with lower surface flattened, tip pointed to long-pointed, base rounded, softly velvet-hairy and minutely paphairy above, less so below; nearly stalkless; leaf-stalk 0-1 mm. Seed-pods are slender and straight, 5-6.5 x 0.5 cm, hairless. Narrow-Leaf Wax Flower is found in Nepal to East Himalaya, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, China South-Central, at altitudes of 1500-2000 m. Flowering: August-September.

Identification credit: Tabish Photographed in Imphal, Manipur.

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