Natal Grass
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Natal Grass
ative Photo: J. M. Garg
Common name: Natal Grass, Rose Natal grass, Ruby grass
Botanical name: Melinis repens    Family: Poaceae (Grass family)
Synonyms: Saccharum repens, Rhynchelytrum repens, Tricholaena rosea

Natal grass is an annual grass with branching stems that root at the nodes. Plants are able to reach 20-40 inches in height. The leaves are linear and 8-12 inches in length and grow from erect clumps. Flowers are borne in panicles 4-8 inches long, and are purple to pink in color with reddish hairs that turn gray with age. Although natal grass can be perennial, it is primarily propagated by seeds, which are easily spread by wind.

Identification credit: Milind Sardesai Photographed in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh & Devanhalli, Karnataka.

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