Nepal St Johns Wort
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Nepal St Johns Wort
P Native Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Nepal St Johns Wort • Nepali: युरिलो Yurilo
Botanical name: Hypericum uralum    Family: Hypericaceae (Hypercum family)
Synonyms: Hypericum nepalense K. Koch, Norysca urala

Nepal St Johns Wort is a shrub 0.3-1.8 m tall, bushy, with golden yellow flowers 1.5-3 cm in diameter. Sepals are 3.5-9 mm long, oblong or elliptic to obovate-spoon-shaped, rounded, entire, appressed in bud, ascending in fruit. Petals are broadly obovate to obovate-circular, 9-18 mm long, 2-4 times longer than the stamens. Stamens 40-60 in each fascicle. Ovary 3-5 mm long; styles 0.7-0.9 times as long as the ovary, free, curving throughout or only near tip. Flowers are borne in 1-3-flowered cymes, at branch ends and often also lateral. Stems are arching, frondose; branches 4-lined or 4-angled at first, eventually round. Leaves are nearly stalkless, blade 1.4-4 cm long, 4-24 mm broad, lanceshaped to ovate, tip pointed to rounded-apiculate, base narrowly or rarely broadly wedge-shaped, venation laxly netveined blunt. Capsule is 7-11 mm long, broadly ovoid to spherical, without vittae or vesicles. Nepal St Johns Wort is found in the Himalayas, from Kashmir to Nepal, Bhutan, SW China, Burma, Thailand and Sumatra, at altitudes of 1500-3600 m. Flowering: April-September.

Identification credit: J.M. Garg, Saroj Kasaju Photographed in Gangtok, Sikkim & Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

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