Nilgiri Emilia
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Nilgiri Emilia
ative Photo: Siddarth Machado
Common name: Nilgiri Emilia
Botanical name: Emilia ramulosa    Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower family)

Nilgiri Emilia is a a herbs with all leaves on stem, 3-5 x 0.6-1 cm, linear oblong, eared at base, hairless above, white curled-hairy below, margins recurved. Flower-heads are borne solitary or 2-3 together atop long flower-cluster-stalks 10-25 cm stall. Flowers are homogamous. Involucre bracts are uniseriate, 0.8-1 cm long, lanceshaped, curled hairy without. Florets are purple, tube 0.8-1 cm long, widened at mouth, 5-lobed; lobes velvet-hairy at tips. Stamens 5, linear, blunt at base. Style arms hairy at tips. Achenes 0.2-0.3 cm long, 5-ribbed, rough on ribs. Pappus of soft slender white hairs, 0.5-0.6 cm long. Nilgiri Emilia is endemic to Southern Western Ghats.

Identification credit: Siddarth Machado Photographed in Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Tamil Nadu.

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