Nilgiri Long-Flowered Lily
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Nilgiri Long-Flowered Lily
P Native Photo: Paulmathi Vinod
Common name: Nilgiri Long-Flowered Lily
Botanical name: Lilium wallichianum var. neilgherrense    Family: Liliaceae (Lily family)
Synonyms: Lilium longiflorum var. neilgherrense, Lilium neilgherrense Wight

Nilgiri Long-Flowered Lily is an erect unbranched herb, with leafy stem up to 1.5 cm tall. Leaves are scattered, up to 10 x 2 cm, lanceshaped, stalkless, pointed at tip, hairless. Flowers are borne 1-3 together, at branch-ends; flower-stalk 3 cm long, hairless. Flowers are prominently long, 20 cm long, bell-shaped, petals 6, ovate, pointed, white, lower tubular. Stamens are 6, filaments 16 cm long, free; anthers linear-oblong, versatile; ovary oblong; ovules many; style to 16 cm long constricted at base; stigma spherical or 3-toothed. Capsule is 3-valved; seeds many, compressed. Nilgiri Long-Flowered Lily is endemic to Southern Western Ghats.

Identification credit: N. Arun Kumar Photographed in Kodaikanal,Tamil Nadu.

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