Nonesuch Daffodil
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Nonesuch Daffodil
P Introduced Photo: Aarti Khale
Common name: Nonesuch Daffodil, Peerless Daffodil
Botanical name: Narcissus incomparabilis    Family: Amaryllidaceae (Nargis family)
Synonyms: Narcissus sabinii, Narcissus gouanii, Narcissus aurantius

Nonesuch Daffodil is a perennial herb, 20-50 cm tall, hairless, with ovoid bulb, and 3-5 leaves, which are glaucous, 8-15 mm wide, almost flat, blunt, erect, barely equaling the stem somewhat compressed at 2 angles. Flowers are yellowish, often double, large, 4-6 cm across, odorless, solitary, almost erect. Spathe is blunt, shorter than the flower perianth saucer, with pale yellow divisions, obovate-with a short sharp point, spreading, longer than the narrow funnel tube. Crown is dark yellow, broad cut, 8-12 mm high, flared, wavy-lobed, equaling about half of the divisions. Style is beyond the little unequal stamens. Nonesuch Daffodil is found in fields and meadows, in France, Spain, Southern Switzerland, Italy. Flowering: March-May.

Identification credit: Gurcharan Singh Photographed enroute to Gulmarg, Kashmir.

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