Oblong-Leaf Marshweed   
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Oblong-Leaf Marshweed
P Native Photo: S. Kasim
Common name: Oblong-Leaf Marshweed
Botanical name: Limnophila heterophylla    Family: Scrophulariaceae (Dog flower family)
Synonyms: Limnophila reflexa, Limnophila roxburghii, Limnophila menthastrum

Oblong-Leaf Marshweed is a perennial, aquatic herb, with aerial stems with stalkless glands or hairy or nearly smooth and hairless. Submerged leaves are up to 50 cm, multiparted; segments capillary. Aerial leaves are opposite or whorled, stalkless, oblong, about 1.5 cm x 3 mm, hairless, base nearly stem-clasping, margin somewhat rounded-toothed; veins 3-5, parallel. Flowers are stalkless and in spikes or short-stalked at branch-ends and solitary in leaf axils. Bracteoles are absent. Calyx is about 3 mm, with stalkless glands, without raised veins in fruit. Flowers are pale purple, about 5 mm, hairless. Capsules are pale brown, nearly spherical, about 2.5 mm. Oblong-Leaf Marshweed is found in Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam.

Identification credit: S. Kasim Photographed in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

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