Pale Java Tea
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Pale Java Tea
ative Photo: Prashant Awale
Common name: Pale Java Tea • Marathi: ज्योती Jyoti • Sanskrit: अर्जक Arjaka, श्वेत कुठेरक Shveta-Kutherak • Tibetan: ཀུཐེརཀ་ ku-the-ra-ka
Botanical name: Orthosiphon pallidus    Family: Lamiaceae (Mint family)

Pale Java Tea is a perennial herb with a woody rootstock, not aromatic. Stems are diffusely branched, ascending-erect, 10-35 cm, slender, quadrangular, velvety or almost hairless. Leaves are ovate, 1-3.5 x 1-2 cm, pale green, slightly fleshy, nearly entire to saw-toothed, gland- dotted, stalked, velvety to almost hairless. Inflorescence is usually unbranched, short. Verticillasters 5-7, 6-flowered, distant. Bracts are 0.5-1 mm, ovate-oblong. Flower stalks are 2 mm spreading in flower, deflexed in fruit. Sepal cup is 2-2.5 mm in flower, and up to 6 mm in fruit, velvety in lower part, upper lobe ovate-circular; lower pair of teeth subulateattenuate, 2 mm in fruit. Flowers are white or lilac, 5-6 mm; tube as long as calyx teeth. Stamens included. Nutlets are pale brown, orbicular-ovoid, 1 x 1 mm.

Identification credit: Prashant Awale Photographed in Nagpur.

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