Parlor Palm
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Parlor Palm
P Introduced Photo: Saroj Kasaju
Common name: Parlor Palm
Botanical name: Chamaedorea elegans    Family: Arecaceae (Palm family)
Synonyms: Chamaedorea pulchella

Parlor Palm is a small, compact, usually single-trunked palm that will rise to 5-6 ft tall in the ground. As a houseplant, this palm usually grows to 4 ft tall and is particularly noted for its dense, attractive leaves, compact shape and easy maintenance. The plant bears attractive, arching, green pinnate leaves, with 12 or more pairs of narrow leaflets per leaf. Clusters of yellow flowers in loose spirals may bloom in spring given enough light. Black fruit also looks attractive when it appears. Parlor Palm is native to rainforests from southeastern Mexico to northern Guatemala.

Identification credit: Saroj Kasaju Photographed in Kalimpong, West Bengal.

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